Social Programs

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Social program - Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir organizes a series of social programs to inculcate social values & virtues of fraternity, social harmony, social capital ,leadership,team spirit, peace , love & affection among students . Recent social programs in chronological orders are as following

1. October 2015: Students Rally against terrorist attack in Paris- 1000 students of Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir organized a peaceful demonstration against ghastly terrorist attack on innocent civilians of Paris. Displaying humane values students of Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir expressed solidarity for the breaved families of the victims of terrorist attacks.

2. November 2015:Health camp - to promote importance & consciousness about health special medical health camp is being regularly organized by Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir regularly.

3. Rangoli programme was organized by school to bring out the hidden constructive talent of students.

4. Kite making competition. A great scientific experiment designed to sensitize students about Bernoulli's theorem & latest development in avionics , rocket science & aviation industry.

5. Science exhibition. Is being conducted every three months by School to develop scientific temperament & scientific quest for knowledge.

6. Tree plantation is organized every year in rainy season to develop a sense of compassion for flora & fauna . Aim is also to inculcate values of nature conservation among students.

7. Sports events. Monthly sports events are conducted not only to keep students not only in best health & spirit but also to nurture spirit of leadership & team spirit.

8. Adult education camp is being held by students of Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir to teach illiterate adults of nearby rural areas during summer . This builds & grooms the personality of students.

9. Philately camp is being organized by eminent philatelists of India in school to sensitize students about philately

10. Cultural hobbies. Different arts like dance , music , singing , cooking , acting ,painting, drawing, sculpting, mono acting activities are being promoted by school to give student first hand exposure of these arts & culture.

11. Collage making competition. Is monthly organized by school to create awareness , creativity & innovation among students of Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir.