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Compulsory Attendance

1. Regular attendance is required. The attendance should not be less than 80%, otherwise the pupil will be debarred from annual examination and detained in the same class. Monthly attendance will be indicated in the diary at the end of every month. Guardians must check it and sign if any notice is sent to them about the shortage of attendance. Guardians should take the notice seriously and contact the school authorities as early as possible.

2. A pupil suffering from any infection or contagious disease should not be sent to school. After recovery he / she must produce a fitness certificate from a registered doctor.

3. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school campus once they have given attendance in the class. However, under special circumstances, a pupil who is to go back home during school hours must bring an application from either of his parents explaining the reasons for leaving early and obtain a gate pass from the principal’s office. Application written by the pupil himself will not be entertained. Pupils studying in lower classes cannot be allowed to leave school without being accompanied by the parent / guardian or some authorized person.

4. All pupils are expected to attend school from the very first day the school reopens after each of the vacations. Those absent due to illness must submit a medical certificate before they may be allowed to attend the class. Any pupil, who is absent for three consecutive days without information to school after any vacation, will have his / her name struck off the rolls and readmission will be given only at the discretion of the Principal. The readmission charge is one term’s extra tuition fees along with other dues and charges.

5. Application for issue of T.C. at the end of the school session should be submitted within a week of the declaration of the annual examination result.