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Euphoria:The Annual function Mauaima Branch 2022

Euphoria:The Annual function 2022

Euphoria:The Annual function 2020

A Glimpse of Republic Day Celebrations

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma and UNESCO member Alexander Usanin realease a book during inauguration "International Vedic Education Camp"

Good Luck Party

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Tibet Solidarity Freedom Rally 2017

Euphoria 2016-17

Republic Day 2017

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Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir best Cbse School of India , organizes solidarity march for freedom of Tibbet

 Horse Riding at Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir , Best Cbse School of Allahabad


Campus of Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir best Cbse School of Allahabad

Independence Day 2016




Rangoli Competition 2016