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 School Discipline

Discipline is the baseline on which stands the edifice of success.

We believe in high order of discipline hence we seek the co-operation of parents to help the school and students maintain the following:-


1. Regularity & Punctuality:

It is compulsory for every student to be regular & punctual in attending school. In case of absence from school, a leave application must be sent in advance or on the following day, failing which a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be imposed. The student must also ensure punctuality.


2. Uniformity:

Every student is required to come to school in neat, clean and specified school uniform, failing which any disciplinary action can be taken against the student. Please note a student accompanying his parents at PTM will also have to come in uniform.


3. Obedience & Respect:

It must be kept in mind that all school rules must be adhered to and due respect and obedience  is to be displayed to teachers  & all elders.


4. Cleanliness:

Due attention must be paid  to maintain the cleanliness of the school and care must also be taken to keep intact the school property.


5. School Property:

School property and furniture must not be damaged or marred under any circumstance. A student found doing so is liable to be charged with a fine of Rs. 1000/- or more.


6. Communication in English:

All communication, written as well as verbal must be made only in English. It is compulsory for all students to use only English as the medium of communication in School.


7. Lunch comprising of nutritious home made food has to be brought by every student. Parents must desist from giving money in place of home made lunch even to the senior students.